September 16, 2019

Lea Martini PornStar Bio

Lea Martini was born in 1973 in a small village in the mountains in the north of former Czechoslovakia. After her parents divorced, she grew up with her mother and attended a strict school for girls before going to college in Prague. In November 1989, she took part in the Velvet Revolution, when her homeland was divided into two parts. At the age of 18, she came up with the idea of ​​a career in modeling and, at the first interview, her Czech agent told her: “You look simply irresistible, like Claudia Schiffer, but more relaxed.” Lea lost her virginity when she was 19 years old. She describes this event as follows: “It was with a student of my age named Michelle. For him, this was also the first time. “My parents left for the weekend and left me at home alone, so I called him.” By that time, Lea was already engaged in modeling in underwear, but the glamor and brilliance of Paris soon lured her. She later admitted that: “I ended up with agents who did not experience a lack of straightforwardness. They just told me: “If you want to work and earn money, you have to sleep with people.”

Lea Martini

Lea, recalling those times, characterizes herself as a “young and timid Czech girl,” but she did not want to return to the Czech Republic and soon she began not only having sex with agents, but also started filming for erotic sets, and then completely switched to shoot harder material. “I started acting naked and found that I was doing pretty well. Not every model can take good nude pictures. In the glamorous sets you are just some kind of person dressed in clothes designed by another person. Removing naked, you show yourself, nothing more. You need special self-confidence in order to successfully film without clothes. And I believe that erotic modeling was the first step towards filming in adult films. “

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